Bits of Sweetness: Get this kid on the Ellen show!

Get this kid on the Ellen show!

Catchy title huh? I am not exaggerating either! Tis the truth and I need your help you guys!!!

I am so excited to write this post today!! While I was in Reno, I had the honor of meeting 11 year old Gage Bunsness and his mom. He has just had an interview on a local radio station earlier! What a cool kid!

This is Gage!

The reason he had a radio station interview though, is important and why I am writing this to ask you guys to help a kid out. Gage was diagnosed with Type 1 (or Juvenile) Diabetes when he was 8 years old. Everything changed, and yet it didn't. They had a tangible reason for all the symptoms he had already shown. See, there is a common misconception about Type 1 diabetes- that diet and medication will resolve it, but that isn't the case. Type 1 diabetes is something that is always there and that diet and medication don't resolve. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes have to constantly monitor it and also continually be on insulin or have insulin inserts or they could be facing fainting or worse, a coma. When Gage was first diagnosed at the age of eight, he would have to check his levels and take insulin 10 or more times a day. He finally was able to get an insulin pack, but it cannot monitor; it simply gives what they tell it to. With Type 1 diabetes,  levels can drop so quickly and there is often no warning at all. Just yesterday, Gage wasn't feeling well all of a sudden, so they checked his levels and it was about 30 below what the doctors say it needs to be at. There is usually no warning.  Gage is just like any other 11 year old kid. He loves to play baseball. His dream is to play for the Texas Rangers when he grows up! He starts middle school this year. But there's one thing about Gage that's not like every other kid. If he could have anything, it would be a diabetic alert dog. Hold up, what?! A diabetic alert dog. It's like a seeing eye dog but instead of seeing for the person, it alerts them when their levels are low. They cost a lot of money though. $25,000 to be exact. (Or more!)

Gage came up with an idea though. He decided to write a book to help raise money so he can buy an alert dog.

This is where it gets good! He gave me an autographed copy to give away to one of you lucky readers. You can enter to win that by commenting on this post with any well wishes for Gage. I want to do a little something special for the family though, so for every book you readers buy, I am going to give $3. Comment or email letting me know you bought it! You can find it here on Amazon. (It's less than $10 you guys! Two cups of coffee right there and that's it!) I would LOVE to see Gage be able to achieve that goal and be able to live a more normal active life without having to stop so often to check his levels and make sure he's ok. (Plus they say, a dog is a boy's best friend!) Let's help Gage out. Get a copy for you and a few friends while you're at it! $10 might not feel like much but it adds up! Not only that but the book is an awesome resource to help anyone who might be dealing with Juvenile Diabetes or just to find out more info about it and there are some great recipes for some dog friendly treats!

Just one more thing- Gage wants to get on the Ellen Degeneres show! What awesome exposure THAT would be!!  So, here's the plan. I want to Tweet Ellen as much as possible. Here is a Tweet you can use with a picture of Gage and a message for her. (Be sure to follow Ellen to use the Tweet!)

Help Gage get a diabetic alert dog! Please bring him on your show!!

It would be awesome if you guys could go check out their page and like the Facebook photo here to help them get to a million likes!

Thank you guys! Go check out the book here.

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