Bits of Sweetness: Getting to know you lovelies (and a small giveaway)

Getting to know you lovelies (and a small giveaway)

I thought it might be fun to a)get to know my sweet readers a little more and b)throw a little thank you giveaway for one of you 201+ amazing friends and family who read this little piece of our space on the webs! I can't believe that what started as a place to just journal ideas and life is now a wonderful community (and still continues to be a great place to journal life, just with more friends following along.) Today also happens to be my half birthday. 25 1/2. I'm a baby, I know, you can say it ;-) I don't mind though. One of these days I'll be diggin' 40!

So, lovely readers, answer these 4 short questions for me (I love reading your comments and getting to know you so now is your time to shine!)

1) What is your middle name
Mine starts with V. Take a guess!!

2) What do you want to do or be when you "grow up" (or, hit the jackpot//retire//find a long long rich relative who bestows all their richyrich funds on you)
I would love to travel the U.S. or the world with my hubby and take pictures on a dream Canon with some awesome lensbaby attachments

3) What is your go-to stress relief? (think outside the martini box. Because ya know, I've found a lot of neat ways without any of that stuff.)
Mine lately is a lavender salt bath. Or, as Andrew calls it "relaxing bath."

4) What is one thing you love about yourself?
I love my hair. Naturally blonde. Fine and it drives me nuts but I still love it. 

Now the giveaway.

You are in for a treat guys!

A few months ago, I had the honor of getting to know Varja, who runs the darling Kangaroo Care shop.
I instantly fell in love with the beautiful handcrafted crocheted bead and wooden bead necklaces. They are beautiful. I think I added four to my cart right then. They are made with breastfeeding and teething babes in mind and provide the perfect solution to soothe sore gums and help distracted little ones who need a little extra boost focusing on the task (erm, meal) at hand. They are completely safe for baby to chew/gum/suck on too! While they are made with babies and mamas in mind, they are a perfect everyday go-to for any lady. They are versatile and could easily dress up an everyday outfit or add a little flair to a dressy dress. I could not wait to get my necklaces! The ship time was not bad at all, and the necklaces were breathtaking. They are made out of gorgeous apple wood and come from Estonia. (Ok honestly I had to look that one up. Call it what it is, my geography is a tad bit rusty!) Varja is a sweet mama who has two kiddos of her own who inspired her to make the jewelry.

Some pretty pictures of the necklaces
beautifully made and so pretty to wear!

Perfect added to an outfit for a girl's day out

So perfect for tiny fingers to grasp

So, what do you get to win? This.
To enter: Make sure you're following my blog on Bloglovin or by email
Tell me how you follow and,
Go to Kangaroo Care and let me know what your favorite thing is from her shop!

These are just some of my faves!

This mint necklace

The fun contrast of this one

The sweet pastel details of this one

But seriously, how cute is this mommy daughter set? 

Don't forget to answer the questions above too! I would love to get to know you all! If the comment box isn't working, email me at (Note: Commenting with the 4 things about you doesn't enter you for the contest. Be sure to leave a comment with what you like on the site for that. And both to send a little extra love to me :) )

Contest ends 6/7/13 11:59 PM PST

Note: While I received product compensation for this post, all thoughts and opinions are expressly my own. Varja's products rock my socks!

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