Bits of Sweetness: Reno lovin'

Reno lovin'

Two weeks ago, just Adrian and I flew to Reno to see my best friend get married. It was so memorable but I just realized I hadn't put up a trip recap yet!

It was funny to think packing for Reno since it is usually pretty cool here in June (and still is). Thankfully though I brought a good variety of clothes because it was actually a nice break from typical summer heat there and was only in the low 80s. (ha yes only. I did grow up in Salt Lake so summer time to me is high 90s or even 100s! Everyone in the PNW is a bunch of pansies but that's ok :) I love you all still!) 

We said goodbye to Seattle

And made our flight with plenty of time to spare making new friends

I wasn't sure how he'd do on the flight since he often fights sleep, 
but he did great! He was most curious about the safety manual
and was all over looking out the window!

He ended up sleeping over an hour both there and back
Surprisingly, our trip was completely stress free.
and I am so thankful because it makes me want to travel again!
Even better yet, I got an entire row to myself both ways! (woohoo!!)

The biggest things that helped (aka how to travel with kids and not lose your mind!)

New toys & snacks- Something fun that they have never seen is always a huge help
Time- I picked a shuttle down to the airport an hour earlier than I really needed
and am glad I did! As a result, I wasn't worried about hitting any traffic
or trying to get through the airport alone with Adrian. 
This also gave us enough time to stop at the play area which 
is perfect for kids of any age!
Consolidating- Seriously. This is so key!! When I flew with both boys in January,
I didn't quite have this down and the airport was ridiculously stressful!
Try to pack anything for the flight in one bag. Also:
Ziploc Bags- To make it easier, I organized everything into bags so they were easier to grab
and I wasn't rummaging around in the diaper bag for stuff. Snacks in one bag,
extra outfit in another, diaper change stuff in one (so I could just grab and change),
and don't forget extra bags for any dirty outfits (one came in handy with a blowout!)
Favorite lovey- Adrian isn't super attached to anything but it's always nice to have 
something familiar from home there to help them transition to traveling.
Spending money- it doesn't take much to make kids happy! Bring a little money 
so they can pick a little something for the flight whether a treat or new coloring book.
Wrapped gifts- hit up the dollar aisle at Target, Michael's,Joann Fabric, or the dollar store for this one!
Get some inexpensive things and wrap them to give to your kiddos during the trip
when you can tell they are ready for something new!
Take advantage of perks for families!!- Like, one we just found out- families get to skip the main security line! This saved me oodles of time in Seattle where the line was about 30-40 minutes long!
Take advantage of things like pre-boarding and help from strangers if they offer!
Bring an extra set of hands- For me this was my Meitai wrap and Snap n Go stroller that sets up 
and takes down with just one hand.  It used to be that you could roll the baby in the stroller
 through security but in Seattle they made us take it apart (which I hadn't planned on :-/  ) 
so that wasn't fun but heading back was totally fine. 
Think through the little things like shoes that come on and off easily 
and no metal or anything that will go off.
Preload your device with apps or movies- I got some Baby Einstein videos,
and while I didn't need them, I am glad I had them just in case!!
Hit the back of the plane- the engine noise is loudest back there to drown out all the awesome
noises your kids suddenly discover during quiet flight time (and most passengers
don't want to venture that far back anyways) so it's a win/win all around! 
A roll of quarters- this works better for preschoolers and up. You can do this one of two ways, depending on your kid(s). Either they start with an entire roll of quarters and lose them for not listening *or* asking "are we there yet", 
you can just simply give them a quarter for each time they listen.
(Depends on how well your kid deals with losing quarters ;-)
What they get is theirs to keep for spending money! 
This is especially great in the car!

and last but not least-
Leave your stress at home!!- chances are you, you are totally over-thinking your trip
and how bad it might be to travel with kids. It's really not that bad. I promise!
We have all been there, (mostly) survived and thrive!
(Albeit, slightly sticky, hair-crazed, and with the Bubble Guppies theme song 
stuck in your head, but nontheless, you will survive!)

We survived the airport & flight and the rest of the trip was equally good!
Some of my favorite highlights-

Staying in my aunt and uncle's beautiful home

Finding some super cute shoes for Adrian at just $1 each
(Including the converse!!!!!)
at a wonderful thrift store in Sparks that employs special needs individuals

Getting to go to my friend's bachelorette party
Describe the gift. Best bachelorette game ever!

I totally had a mom fail moment- I forgot to pack any toys for Adrian. Like, no joke!
So, we picked some up at the thrift store for just 88cents each!

Adrian got to go swimming for the first time.
I wasn't sure how he would do. I think he liked it though ;-)
It was great to see my friend Alicia who I worked with back in the day
at the theater and catch up on life now both married with two kids each.
I am finding more and more that good friends pick up right where they left off.

It was a joy to be part of my friend's special day and those surrounding it.

I pulled off a last minute shopping trip and decided to get a different dress for the wedding,
which left me with no matching shoes...the day before the wedding. Such planning huh?! 
(my other dress left me without a matching cardi. Such a dilemma huh?!)
SO thankful that Target came to the rescue for my shoes
since I only packed a pair of sandals and a pair of TOMs!

(speaking of TOMs, all the girls in the wedding party, including the bride wore them!!)
Everything was so beautiful. More pictures from that later ;-)

I was in charge of doing a photobooth and was quite pleased to get some awesome pictures!
It was fun to engage the guests and help them be a part of the captured snapshots for the wedding.
I can't wait to put it all together in a special gift for the Bride and Groom!

Speaking of the bride and groom :)

It was a great trip.
Not too short, not too long,
and wonderful all around.

See you next time Reno.
Until then I will be missing your amazing sunsets and wonderful people.

Up next post:

Oreo Balls Recipe
{Because my friend was awesome and had them at her wedding!}

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