Bits of Sweetness: So long Google

So long Google

Google reader, you have been a dear friend. It's been good seeing you. But next month you are leaving. And, it really is for reals despite how many times we've heard this. The site has messages all over, the gadget is no longer available to add to your blog. This is the real deal guys. (They aren't making enough money on it :(  )They are giving a "sunset period" of three months to get all the blogs you follow moved over, but you might want to sooner rather than later. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time remembering the blog urls of all the blogs that I love to follow. It's nice to have them collabed in one place. So, two great solutions for you: Bloglovin and Feedly. Both are totally worthy of your time and neither cost. My favorite of the two is Feedly for the streamlined cool look and the awesome app. Right now, you can make the transition seamless by logging in with your Google account. All your blogs are automatically added. Neat, huh? Bloglovin' has an easy set of instructions to import all your blogs.

So, breaking down some of the fave things about both.


the setup. It's much like Google Reader. You can select how you want to view the blog posts and has the icon for each blog, which I like.
It takes a few steps but is simple to import all your Google reader blogs. (It's the main headline on their page and home page right now so you can't miss it ;-) )
They have tons of pretty icons and widgets to use on your blog to encourage followers (search Google images for more than they have.)

The app. It is so pretty. And instead of having to scroll through all your blogs, you can just simply swipe through pages of blogs at once with the touch of a finger.
The website and app are both very streamlined and simple. Like Bloglovin but moreso. 
You can change the view in it. (First it comes up as simple text, much like an email inbox looks, but if you look for the view icons in the top right corner, you can change to other styles with partial page or full page views. You can also mark articles as read or unread.
Plus, if you use Google Chrome or Firefox, you can add it as an extension (click on the stacked lines under the x, go to extensions, scroll down to "add more extensions" and feedly is actually in the list of the top ones.)
The extension will show up as a light button, much like the Pinterest Pin It button and clicking on it gives you options to add the blog to your feed. Pretty cool huh?
Option to make or use a premade feedly follow button to display on your blog to encourage readers to follow. 

By the way, if your feed isn't show up, just click on "all" on the left side to display all posts. Sometimes at first, it shows as "all read".

If you are procrastinating on migrating your blog to another reader, you don't have to. It's painless. You can do it! (So, go do it! Before you lose all your blogs and then realize you don't have as many urls memorized as you thought!)

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