Bits of Sweetness: 9 & 10 months oh my

9 & 10 months oh my

Somehow I missed Adrian's 9 and 10 month updates! Here goes.

9 & 10 months

Dear Adrian,

Somehow, you suddenly started to blur the lines between "baby" and "toddler." You can stop anytime now, ok! Weren't you just a little peanut yesterday? I guess time has flown by a little faster than I realized!

This month, your personality has really begun to emerge! You are showing a definite like and dislike for things.

*still love to nurse (and to suck. But the pacifier won't cut it! Just Mama!) and do so at least 5-6 times a day
*love almost every solid food you try. You decided you weren't too fond of avocados but other than that, you love food. (As long as you don't want me. Then nothing else will do {of course})
New things this month: Squash, mangoes, pizza, chicken nuggets, black beans & eggs (and the rest I can't remember. Basically anything semi soft and mild! All of which he's loved!)
*love exploring things with your mouth and finding things you can make noise with
*are extremely mobile, now walking along the couch
*nailed standing by yourself for five seconds! You still love crawling though (thankfully!!)
*Understand being told 'no' (and have the cutest saddest face to go with it!)
*Are so excited to see your brother. Each day is as if you've both been gone for days!
*Squeal, giggle, and laugh often. You already have a sense of humor and it's so fun to see you try to make us smile!
*Babble with a ton of sounds now- dada, mama, papa, puhpuh, bupbup, hi, and of course screams and shrieks
*Love to play peekaboo
*Wave hi and bye
*Aren't attached to anything at all. Neither was Andrew! You don't really like blankets. They are too confining!
*Are exploring cause and effect by knocking things over
*Understand "spit it out" (usually after you get into your favorite no-no, the dog food! Seriously, how much dog food can one little man get in?!)
*Love to tap your hands on whomever or whatever you are by
*Spend much time playing the standup toy piano your big brother used to play
*Are in all 9 month clothes now!
*Have teeny tiny feet, but chunky too! It's almost impossible to find shoes that will a)fit your chunky feet and b)stay on. I'm bummed that the 50cent converse I got don't fit you yet! However, the little $2.99 lion Robees I found do fit!

Standing without help. Just, no!

Oh little man, you are such a sweet addition to our family.
I am so thankful we didn't stick with what we thought was the perfect three of us
because four of us is even better! I love you!

Love, Mama

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