Bits of Sweetness: A little awesomeness and a giveaway!

A little awesomeness and a giveaway!

I am pretty excited and so honored to be writing this post today. Ok scratch that. I am supercrazyduper excited to be writing this. If you've been following my blog awhile, you know I love the beautiful in life and being creative (at least, trying to be creative.) I have several outlets I love pursuing creativity and beauty- photography being the most prominent, but also writing. It's incredible to see where God-given creative talent & passion can go. So, when my sweet talented friend, Christina, mentioned that she was going to be teaching one of the classes in Made, a great collection of creative ecourses, I wanted to sign up like yesterday. Christina has made some beautiful calligraphy pieces and while I've never tried it before, I am always game for being inspired and trying something new.
Courtesy of A Homemaker's Journal
My appetite was whet hearing about the courses (there are many others besides just calligraphy- photography, basic art, journaling, exploring creativity, inspiring creativity in kids and more!) I can't help but love Beth Morey, the creator of Made. She has a sweet heart and a creative side that is not only inspiring but encouraging.

Here's some more information

About Made

Made is a brand new e-course created by Christian creatives for Christian creatives, exploring what it means to be a person who makes things who believe she or he was, in turn, made by God.  Twelve teachers are leading us on an adventure through faith and creativity over the course of 4 months and more than 16 workshops.

The course runs from September 1 to December 31, 2013, and will remain open through September 1, 2014.  During that time you will receive heaps of inspiration for your creative faith journey as well as loads of new creative ideas to try out in your art, writing, journaling, and more!

Interested yet? Registration is actually on sale right now! It is an incredible deal if you think of it. You could easily pay the amount for one class let alone all the ones featured in Made. You will be inspired and left with a greater sense of God's wonder. Registration info here (scroll down to "add to cart."). Hurry though! Registration ends August 31.

Ah yes, the giveaway. I happen to have a complementary spot to Made to offer to one of you readers!
This is something you won't want to miss out on. I am pretty stoked about taking the classes myself,and would love have one of you guys along too! 

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. I am counting down the days, how about you?

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