Bits of Sweetness: Hello Tuesday

Hello Tuesday

Hey Tuesday, Hey.

You feel like you should be Thursday or something. You've already put a ton of fun into this week! (If that's what you want to call it.) Some highlights-

Dinner today, trying to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Simple salad but I love.

Adrian growing, little by little, and suddenly playing with all the big kids.

Enjoying a beautiful (spontaneous!) trip to a local park for a fun 80s & 90s themed concert with my IRL (in real life) friend Ashley
Check out the kids' great dance moves!

Isn't she the cutest?! 

Fun BBQ birthday party
Adrian loves loves loves watermelon!!
Seriously. It's like instant add 15 minutes of happiness with one piece!

Andrew got to rock out his second pinata. I love how seriously he takes his job!

I had a great adventure trying to find a camera lens that happens to be in the garage. In some box. I looked through six. No luck. We had to move a bunch of stuff and it ended up misplaced. Of course, my other one is broken and taking up residence at Canon. I am pretty much bummed, because I am doing pics for our family reunion and have my good old kit lens, which I manage to get great pics from (example here:

But it's not my 50. 1.8. 1.4. I really don't care. I love both and would take either. However, it's apparently freaking really expensive to get a rental lens in any amount of time, so I give.(One site was $40 to ship. No joke!!) I guess I will just make do. But hey, at least my other lens and camera are working?? :) I digress. (You non photographers, it'd be like discovering that one perfect pair of heels, or jeans you had planned to wear to something special happened to have a big hole in an obvious spot. Boo. I mean, the other pairs you own work and do the job just fine but they're just not your special one.)

I did the math on my textbooks today. $459 whaaa?! Totally going to be hitting up ebay. Or overstock. Or ecampus book rentals. Cause last year when I resold these same books (why yes it is a repeat with a new school!), I got a grand total of $7 back for each books since they are dated for each year. But heyyy it's $7 right!! Can't complain :) 

Despite this week's lows, I found four things that are my new jam.

Best fast-grab breakfast ever!

Just enough zing to make ya want more!

Photo credit EyeShotPictures
Why hello Pike Place Roast. Where have you been all my life??
Turns out it's the bestie's new jam too. Her new hubby introduced her!
Which is awesome considering they are all the way in NC now!
Makes the miles seem less with that to both enjoy!

And this:

Yeah. That. It's like Pandora but get this- Really. 
I had fun listening to some songs from my childhood
(Patch the Pirate if you're curious. Great positive
truths in the songs. Fun for your kiddos. Or you.)
You can build playlists and they even suggest similar artists, like Pandora.

What's your jam today?

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