Bits of Sweetness: I don't care, I love it....

I don't care, I love it....

I'm also chuckling every time I listen to that song thinking of my dear friend's little girl who sings it, "I crashed my car into the fridge, I don't care, I love it." Leave it to kids to impart awesome into life!

And, leave it to me to write an almost entirely un-4th of July post in the middle of the week.

First off though, an idea just in case you need some super easy inspiration for tomorrow.
Rockets & fireworks for lunch for the win!

Too easy to even need a tutorial really.
Just snip the ends of the hotdogs, cut crescent roll dough into 
strips, wrap around, bake @350 until crescents are golden brown (approx 12 minutes), then stick a cheese triangle on with a toothpick and give yourself a pat on the back for making your kids' day.

I babysit four kids during the week (plus our two. And yes, that is six kids ages 9 months-10 years!) and I wanted to do something fun for the 4th (well, pre-4th technically since you bet I'll be off work tomorrow! I like my vacation time too!) so I let them browse Pinterest (dangerous idea! What was I thinking?!?!) And finally helped them pick one idea each. They loved it. I loved that they found pretty easy ideas, and it made for a fun lunch if I do say so myself.

So, the non festive side of my post.

I'm feeling so much the "I'm not" side of life (even if just for a few minutes here or there.)
This tends to happen browsing blogs. There are so many neat ideas. So many pretty posts. But also happens seeing others going places in life (whether buying something, going somewhere, etc)
And then there's little old me.

I'm not super crafty (I just hide the mistakes well, at least some of the time. Did I tell you about the time I duct-taped a bow tie together?! Yeah...) 
I might be a photographer but I don't always have the pictures to show for it for any food/kiddo/around-the-house photos (Hello crappy window lighting in our entire place :( Serious boo.)
I probably take more pictures on my cell phone and use them for blog posts (but at least I take pictures right?!)
My wardrobe would never measure up for a What I Wore post. (Although artistic cropping rocks my socks and makes it kindof look like I try).
I have friends who are so lucky to be in a financial position to be able to stay at home (And then there's me, working full time cause we have never been blessed that way :( Not really complaining, cause it is what it is. It's just hard not to have the same. I am thankful though to have a job!)
I wish I had different hair (Hello hair that matches my personality of a mind of its own. I love you & hate you still.)
I don't feel like I always have the most spectacular blog posts up my sleeve (But I am thankful for the wonderful blogging community I have found.)

Hello me. Little me. So insignificant in the mix of things. And yet I have to remind myself that I am significant to so many. I have to remind myself that I might just be little me but I am me, and there is no one else.

Have a wonderful fourth guys!

Linkup is still open for your 4th of July related posts here!

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