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Insert cheer and huge bunches of confetti for the weekend! Hooray! I hear some sleeping in tomorrow! (hopefully! Although the kids might have other plans. We'll see. According to Andrew, he is going to get up earlier than the sun to play Minecraft. {Yes, we are a total nerd family! ha!} )

Recap of our week in Instagram photos (although this week I was good and got some actual camera pictures too!!)

This week we...

said a big huge "HOORAY!" for the weekend!

cheesed it up with friends over popsicles

got amazing mail from my best friend 
(Fry sauce!!!!!!!!!!!) and found out she will be just an hour away next year!!!!!!!!

Listened to great songs.

Tripled up on sparklers, in true Andrew fashion!

Came up with amazing recipes (found here)

Spent more than the $5 I'd planned on fireworks since we were just
supposed to go to a big show and were just going to do "a few" at home.
Amazingly, the cashier and that sweet face above talked me into this and several more!

Sported a side-hawk post nap.

Had some sweet moments with Daddy

Speaking of Daddy, today I came home to the dishes done, recycle out and living room vacuumed.
I think I will keep this guy because this never all happens!!! I do love him! :)

Managed to get six mosquito bites in a 2 inch small spot on my knee. 

FINALLY updated our pictures. It's been three years, guys. 
Really. So sad huh?! Me, a photographer had literally three pictures on the wall. Ha. 

Managed to somehow juggle it all. ha. 
(Ok just kidding. There were tons of late nights
and grumpy moments, but a few good sweet ones too.)

Best new joke ever lol!

Managed to keep six kiddos happy and take a three mile walk to the park too!
(I love them dearly but won't be complaining about school starting
and just having our youngest and their youngest!!!)

Have a happy weekend guys!

Hi, I'm Adrian and I approve this $20 Combi score!!!

ok OK I can't help it. One more Adrian smile for you because just...
yeah... that :)

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