Bits of Sweetness: Needing a re-weekend

Needing a re-weekend

Just in case you think our life is oh-so-pretty-and-sparkly from my Instagram feed or Facebook posts?
Yeah. At that I laugh.

Right now?

It's 3:30 am. I am still up. Oh, I had grand plans of going to bed. Before midnight. But did that happen? Not with my photo editing program crashing a zillion times, me finally deciding to install the oh, I don't know, 37 computer updates, and then waiting.. and waiting... and waiting some more for the thing to restart with said updates.
There is this humongo spastic fly buzzing around.
I hate humongo spastic flies.
SO much so, that I bought this handy thing to get rid of my problem.
Except... the dumb thing is too fast for it. It's like it has a few too many drinks and has a crazy turbo rocket strapped to it. Kid you not. So there's that.
Then Adrian is teething. Fever, crying, wanting to be held, waking up every half hour wanting to nurse, crying some more, wanting to be held some more, sleeping a little, waking up again, wanting to snuggle, not wanting to snuggle, wanting to play, SO not wanting to play- yeah that's right now.
I have to be at work by 7:30. Or 8. Or something like that.
I'm working full time. I hate working full time. I mean, if the house cleaned itself and dinner just got it's little hiney cooked, maybe it wouldn't be too bad....
I have about 10 photosessions in my Que to work on.
I had grand plans to finish up one tonight so I'd be done with one more. And move on to the next.
But life laughed at that plan.
My fave camera lens died about a month ago. Wouldn't focus. Wouldn't budge. Just wanted to sit and look pretty.
I still haven't had it fixed because it's apparently not under warranty anymore and even though I just got photographer's insurance. apparently the deductible is $1,000. Canon's price tag to fix it was $119 + labor. And, I'd get it fixed but we have a trip coming up, and Andrew's school fees are due by next month.
Sweet. Thankfully I have awesome friends who are willing to lend me their entire freaking camera and my fave lens to use for the session. Confession: I'm such a Canon girl; I haven't given Nikon much notice, but I wanted to test my friend's camera out before a newborn session this week, so I got a few of these. You know, in the five seconds we had "fun" this weekend.

Andrew and his cross he made. And the big hole he keeps digging up.

Adrian just woke up again. Because apparently the swing just didn't cut it. Why would mom's arms need a break?
I had plans for this weekend. Insert ungrateful 5 year old who has other ideas about what "fun" should look like though and I guess not much "fun" was had.
Although, I did decide my inner kid needed some fun and bought the sparkly boat shoes. I'm thinking I love them?

 I need like a weekend from my weekend. How about you??

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