Bits of Sweetness: Post Hump Day Awesomeness

Post Hump Day Awesomeness

I thought I would share some fave things to make your Thursday a little bit better.

So, last night I just about died from laughing. My awesome best friend introduced me to the wonder that is Jimmy Fallon's #latenighthashtags.

So, first up:

First and last are my fave

And then, it got even better with:

The wine. Oh the wine. #ohmygoodnessness

So then you may have seen this awesome Geico commercial about the beloved Hump Day

Which my friend's #toocoolforschool daughter Harper did an amazing cover of.

Her little giggle at the end? Too cute :)

And then there is the matter of "Reasons my Son Is Crying."
If you haven't seen this site, you need to. Stat.
But then they did a recap here. Oh yeah.

Sorry but not sorry for the length ;-)

And then there is the matter of the TOMs outlet I found. $17 TOMs. Including the pretty lace ones.

You're welcome.


Post recap in case you missed anything. There's been some pretty sweet stuff this week (Freebie! Contest! cool DIY! )

Awesome Made creative class info and giveaway: here {If you like being inspired or anything creative, you'll want to sign up for the classes, and for sure the giveaway! It's online so you don't have to live in the US}
Pinterest-inspired newborn session: here
Free rocking-pics-with-kids printable: here

And lastly, inspiration for your day, because we could all use a little more. 

If you want more, pick up a copy of A Thousand Gifts. The app is pretty awesome too.

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