Bits of Sweetness: Sparkled & Spangled Ideas

Sparkled & Spangled Ideas

Confession: I just realized last week that the Fourth of July was this week. but then what else is new? A friend of mine posted a picture of her kids doing patriotic crafts and at first I was all "Girl, it's June. What you doing?!?!" And then I realized that June just likes to play a good joke on me! Some of our traditions are the lovely parade our small town has, and all the Fourth of July festivities (six days long this year!) as a part of Washington's longest Fourth of July festival! They'll have some redo stuff going on and some awesome chainsaw carving competitions. Our main street, (all of three blocks long,) is beautiful! I am a total small town girl, although I do like my big city close at hand! (I just don't like living right in it. How about you? What do you love?) My Father's Day gift ideas were a hit so I thought I'd share some of my favorite Fourth of July ones with you.

*Watermelon slushees- SO easy and SO yummy! Freeze your watermelon (Yes I said FREEZE!), blend up some ice in your blender, add watermelon chunks, blend & enjoy! I discovered the awesomeness that is frozen watermelon today, by accident mind you, in an attempt to make it cooler faster. Two hours later, I was in for a surprise! It's a fantastic way to beat this heat wave so many are having! (although ok, go ahead and laugh. "heat wave" here in our a/c deprived Valley is about 80 degrees ;-) )

Some other fun ideas-

Andrew said he wanted this cake.
Sure son, once I get those cake killing skills down, I'll be on that!

I am liking this easy peasy cheesecake bars idea a little more ;-)

Andrew zoned right in on this idea. I think "shish kebabs" got him!
And I mean seriously, I would eat that!!

I want to change up our corn on the cob this year with a little something.
I love this idea of chile and lime! Maybe add a lil garlic too.

This idea is nothing short of ingenious
And if you happen to lack pretty stars, a plastic cup will do ya in a jif.
Just poke a hole & the sparkler through it!

I haven't quite decided yet what we'll do yet but 
for sure enjoying our wonderful town parade, making & eating some fun food,
and spending time together. 

Link up your post with your fun ideas, recipes and activities!

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