Bits of Sweetness: 11 Months Old

11 Months Old

Well, it's official- we have an almost big boy now :( Adrian turned 11 months old while we were on vacation! It was fun to celebrate it with all of my family while in Idaho at our family reunion. I love that Adrian has second cousins his age due to my Uncle being just ten years older than me (They are my cousins; I think the relation is right to Adrian? Or first cousins once removed? I don't remember ;-) We just call them "cousins" and call it good!

While we were en route to the reunion, a friend of mine took these pictures of Adrian. They work perfect for his month photos since I was pretty busy and didn't have a chance to snap any non-phone pics while we were gone. Thank you Anna!

This month Adrian:

Took his first steps(!!!!) but is still content to crawl since it's faster, of course!
(I'm not complaining about that! He is so go-go-go that I am cherishing my chances to hold him while he will still let me!)
Eats a wide array of solids- fruits are his favorite, or anything juicy that he can gum. Oranges are his top favorite. He will carry them around like a beloved toy!

Dislikes- anything with a weird texture: avocado (which he loved at first), mashed potatoes (also used to love), green beans
Has mastered the sippy cup and wants to learn the big boy cup!
He tipped it upside down after this! Still working on it :)

Loves to "help" me
Has tons of expressions
brobro for Andrew
Mama for me (although he rarely says it anymore)
Babbling baba, papa, puhpuh, and ahhhh!
A wide array of screeches and screams to let us know what he does (or does not want)
Loves making raspberries and sound effects for toys
Discovered he loves lemons.
Also loves mama milk and nurses 2-3 times a day and 1-2 times at night.
Also loves almond milk! (yay for a break for me!)

Loves to read
Has about 100 expressions (Ok so no, I didn't actually count them! He's just like Andrew there though!)
Is very curious and spends much time seriously & studiously looking at & exploring his world.
Is still our little peanut at under 5% and 16 lbs. (His appetite though? Puts his weight to shame!)
Doctors were all: load that boy up on fats! I'm all smile and nod because what is the point again?! 
He's healthy. Just a little peanut. Let's not rock the scales shall we?

Picking blueberries at Cascadian Farms.
Like the Cascadian Farms brand you see in the store.
Yes, they have an actual farm. It's pretty cool.
Best ice cream ever! And their berries? Amazing!
Because a road trip is not complete without some spontaneous fun!
Also: Adrian decided the blueberries were best picked right out of the dirt
and screamed when I moved him to a "better" spot in the grass!
Boy wanted some flavor!

So, question for you?
What did you do for your LO's first birthday party?
We are thinking keeping it pretty simple with cake and a few friends and family,
maybe at the park depending on the weather!

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