Bits of Sweetness: Cara Box sweetness

Cara Box sweetness

A couple months ago, I stumbled upon this box exchange and fell in love with the idea- getting to know other bloggers while sending one a box of encouragement? Sign me up!
I am finding more and more that I like these independent exchanges rather than the big boxes you can sign up for. While it's still random what you'll get, you have the neat opportunity to get to know someone else in the process rather than just tearing open a box to find out if you like the content or not. The community here in the blog world is pretty neat, I must say. I love making new friends and building the friendships to last a long time. {Confession: this post is long over due. I blame my crazy vacation for that partly, but still, planned on getting it done ages ago! Eight days of traveling and only three on vacation might make anyone a little nuts though. If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen a little bit of it all.} So, Carabox. July's theme was Sail Away. Pretty fitting for the month, if you ask me. It was fun to get to know Jessica of Kate & Trudy and a joy to find things that I thought she might love. You can check out her review on my box here.

 I think I squealed when my box from Samantha came. I could tell she put a lot of thought into it.

For starters, it smelled amazing from the soap.
Ever had soap you didn't want to use because it just smelled too good?
Yeah, pretty much.

And the little ship? I love the little details.
It makes me want to sail away!
Check it out.

I love that the little boat found its place by the picture of my dad and I.
He's always been my biggest encouragement to sail towards my dreams.

I seriously need to come visit Michigan now to thank Samantha, and maybe sail away too!

This little box made me smile. She had no idea it would be so perfect for my desk.

See? Perfectly and prettily contains all the annoying little things you need at a desk.

Other favorites from her box? 
The lovely framed quote (above), the beautiful,intricate scarf,
the mug that is my favorite shade of blue, along with tea that may or may not already be gone,
{Such a delicious relaxing blend it was!}
And an incredibly sweet note.

Thank you Samantha!
I apologize that this post is so late!
But know that I think of you every single time I see the things you sent.
They seriously made my day!

Cara Box

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