Bits of Sweetness: First Ever Vlog Craziness

First Ever Vlog Craziness

Seriously can't believe I actually.made.a.vlog. A vlog you guys! Eeps! You know how awkward it is talking to a camera?! Let alone trying to keep some sort of flow going? Yeah funny... Also? Can we give a collective laugh, like big time, at the awesome thumbnails Youtube gives you to choose from? Like the angles.. I didn't even know the expressions existed in there. Yet they somehow found the gems of a pose! Hee-larious peoples!! Anyways, moving on! As nervous as I was, I have wanted to do one of these for a while and loved the prompt Ashley over at Written on Her Heart had for this Girl Behind the Blog linkup- Girl Around the World - talking about traveling and stuffs like that. If you know me, you know I love a good trip. (Although right now, I honestly might be good on the whole traveling dealio after our whole 7 days travel for 3 days of vacay episode! hahaha!) Something I forgot to add in the video: I love to fly. Also love airports and people watching because I'm weird like that. But, these days I am loving arriving to your destination a whole lot more! Ha. So without further ado, my first ever vlog.

Do you like to travel? What do you love (or hate) most about traveling?
 Where would you hop on a plane and go to right now?
Also, I'm hoping you aren't scared off forever more by my own vlog haha? :D

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