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About a month ago, I stumbled upon this new app called Groovebook. The idea was pretty simple- Download the app (available both for Apple & Android products, for free in your app store!), upload 100 pictures, and just pay $2.99 for shipping. Sounded awesome, right? But I'll admit, I was a little skeptical. (I mean, $2.99? What good things cost only $2.99?) But, I found a nifty little promo code, and it ended up being free, so what they hey, why not. If it's free, why not see? (heyy.. that rhymed!)

Here's what I concluded after getting my first book and using the app.

The app is really easy to use. 
Pretty simple install, upload, tap to select pics, put your info in and you are set!

It lets you use photos from Instagram or any off your phone or device.
Pretty cool since probably 60% of my pictures are edited in IG!

The ship time is decent.
No ordering and being surprised a month later because you'd forgotten you'd even ordered it!

It's affordable.
$2.99. Need I say more?

The quality is great.
Not photo paper but still nice enough to send to Grandma or put on the fridge or even frame.
Each page is perforated to make it easy to share (but not so perforated that the pages just fall out!)

The binding is beautiful. 
I am all about presentation. It's partly why I put much into how I give my photo clients their disk and products. It needs to look nice and come together well. So, no surprise that I really appreciate a nice presentation.

I already have my second one on order and can't wait to send pictures from it to family.
Groovebook is the perfect solution to easily get all those pictures off your phone!

I decided to finally get some pictures up to make the blank wall in my office space a little more interesting and give me something to smile about when I am taking a break from working.

Hard to tell but I'm going for a nautical theme and used blue and white paperclips to attach
the photos to the twine. I love the whimsical free flowing look rather than straight pictures!

Except.. shoot. Now I have to actually stick something in the mail.
Wish me luck!

Use promo code RAILING3 at checkout to get your first Groovebook completely free
(even the $2.99 shipping!!)

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