Bits of Sweetness: Hold that bus!

Hold that bus!

Yeah.. kindof like in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I am wishing for the bus to just hold up, wait a minute, cause this mama just isn't quite ready. I'm not quite ready to send our "baby" off to Kindergarten yet. Since when is he 5 1/2?! I mean I know life is going to sweet him quickly on but *sniff* I still remember how tiny and little he was. And now we are checking off school supplies?! *Sniff!* (And whoa. When did kindergartners need three ring binders?! Apparently it's for a memory book but ahh. Still! So not ready for that!!! And colored pencils?! What happened to just chunky Crayola crayons?! *sniff sniff sob!!!*) Part of me is overjoyed at Andrew getting to experience the wonderful world of learning and friends and new school supplies (although I had to bribe him to get him to be enthusiastic about going school supply shopping. Seriously kid?!?! That was my favorite part!!) Part of me is ready for this new season of life of 7:00 bedtimes, and school lunches packed, and sign ups for cookie walk volunteer and the twinge of excitement of see new familiar faces from school at the store. Joy fills this mama's heart about the fun he will have lining up for recess, making new friends, learning new skills, but there is that soft side of this mama's heart that just isn't quite ready. I realized part of it is worry. Is he really ready? Is he going to drive his teacher nuts?! She has a few more kids this year than last year. Is it going to work out ok? Will he listen? Will his short attention span get the better of him? Will he make friends??Will he last all day?! Maybe all day Kindergarten isn't the thing for him just yet. And a little voice wonders- will he miss me?? So silly, I know. I need to be letting him go, but a little part of me wants him to miss his mama (and daddy too!) So hard to reconcile to two sides. At least this week of school is just half days so as to ease the parents kids into this new season of life. Ahh hopefully I will not be the crazy one crowding the window, making sure that he is ok and doesn't just need one last hug. We will do this thing! Next year I'm sure we will smile at how new we were to this whole thing but for now, you just might find me snagging a Kleenex or two tomorrow, and giving a few extra "I love you" squeezes. (And maybe stashing his paint shirt that he is missing from his supply box to have one more excuse to say "I'll be thinking about you!" Ok ok I kid!)

Happy Kindergarten Eve dear one!

How about you guys? Are you ready for school?
When does school start where you are? We start a little earlier than the rest of the schools here.
What is your favorite part of the new school year?

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