Bits of Sweetness: Inspired to be more than wistfully tired

Inspired to be more than wistfully tired

How to aptly say what's on my heart without boring you to pieces (or at least putting you to sleep in the process.)

Simply put, I long to break past the wishes to be more and do more, and actually be more and do more. To put feet to thoughts. To end excuses and turn it into reality.  Pretty much, I'm tired of being tired of being in a rut. It is so much easier to just sit and be wistful though, isn't it?! I mean really, it would be lovely to have more time, but who has that with how busy life gets? And regrets? Don't we just live with them? Aren't they just a part of life? Yes and no. I think it's important to learn from regrets, but I'm realizing the freedom God meant us to live with. Romans 8:1 says, "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
Condemn: Verb: to pronounce judgment against; sentence.
Whoa. How often do I do that? Feeling bad, living in my regret and basically condemning myself to the lousiness I, in all my imperfection have. Why though?? I don't feel motivated out of that condemnation. It's so easy to buy into the lie of, "I'll just always be." or "I'll just never be" and then "So I might as well just accept that it's just always gonna be this way." Que occasional guilt trip as "penance" and we are set. Right?? But hey there. What about this?
"I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of." (John 10:10). 

 I am realizing that I so often underestimate the better God has waiting for me. Like I blow it so I don't deserve it kind of. Like why would he really want to give me better? I'm not saying a life that's perfect, without the pain and hard stuff, but one with the power to get through it. The power to overcome the ruts. Love and patience and grace lavished on me to give to others, starting with those right at home. Friends, we don't have to settle. We don't have to live guilt trippin because Jesus offers life. Abundant at that. And not only that but freedom. Which motivates me to want to be more. More like him. A Lot more love. A lot more time made for our sweet boys. A lot less making excuses and more claiming his power and life to find something so much more satisfying.  Less of me. More of him. No more being bound to chains that he has already freed me from. (Amen?!) 

And, one of my favorite artists(Mandisa). And a favorite song that I love from her. Take it to heart friends! Not just that, but claim it. Pray it. There is no guilt in Him.

K. One more :) 


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