Bits of Sweetness: Just ten.

Just ten.

Ten minutes.
That is all.
Ten minutes to a more organized us.
Ten minutes to ending the insanity.
Ten minutes daily committed to just simply making a better home.

Life is a little crazy with two kids.
It is so hard to stay on top of things.
Before you know it, you are explaining away not just one, but two, four, five piles of clutter away to unsuspecting guests.
I tend to just get overwhelmed with it all and want to do a whole turn-the-house-upside-down cleaning session (aka bite-everyone's-head-off)
But we all know those don't ever work.
I mean the workout is amazing.
But not so much accomplishing what I wanted to really do.

Today I decided, rather than conquering the entire house,
I am going to focus on one chunk at a time. One bag. One box. One small stack of papers.
Because who can really do everything?

We had some impromptu cleaning time today before dinner. It wasn't long. Ten minutes at most.
But it felt really nice. Nice to just be making an effort together. It was... fun even??
So there you have it. My mid-year's resolution.

What's yours? What have you just given up on? Or maybe thinking there might be hope? What do you love to do around the house? Me? Dishes. As long as it's at anyone else's house! (what is up with that anyways?!)

This post inspired by the Garbage Eating Goat in Spokane.
Because who knew picking up junk was so fun?!

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