Bits of Sweetness: MOPS is awesome!!

MOPS is awesome!!

Wait.. hold up what?! Hey, don't worry, I'm not praising that mop in your closet! No thanks!!  (Also, it would be "mops are awesome" if that were the case ;-) )  No, no I'm actually talking about MOPS which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, which actually is open to any mamas. It's like the ultimate mom playdate (except for playing we get amazing snacks, and time for fellowship, inspiration and usually a crafty something.) Interested? I was a little skeptical the first time I went but totally loved it and am onto my second year (helping out on the steering {staff} team at that!) MOPs has been such a life-saver for me not to mention a place where I have made some wonderful new friends. I'm finding community is so important (even for an introvert like myself.) It's nice to have a chance to get out of the house; to get together with other mamas who "get it"- what it's like to be a mom! Check out the promo video from their page.

You can find a group near you here. Our local one starts up September 17th! Also: Your first time is free!

I love their misison statement: We've all been placed in this time and place in history, as the tribe of women who are raising the world. And the beauty of it is that we don’t all have to agree with one another but everyone is in and we all need each other.
Also: You have the ability to do big things. We want to help you gain the confidence to use your voice to change your world.

If you don't have a MOPS group near you, I'd encourage you to make community. It is everywhere, I am finding. There are lots of neat (free) playgroups, mamas at the park, church groups, exercise groups and more. Sometimes all it takes is just striking  up a conversation (complements and relating questions work wonders!) Also: you'd be surprised how many people might be interested just in putting out the word through social media to get a playgroup going. However, if you do have MOPS in your area, I would highly encourage you to go!! I am really looking forward to this year! And if you live closeby, I'd love to see you there!

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