Bits of Sweetness: Which one?!

Which one?!

So guys, I need your help to settle this one.

I did mini sessions a few weeks ago and one of the sessions was a precious baby boy.
As is the case with all my sessions, I include black and white edits on images.
With almost every picture I love one or the other, but this one? I am so torn!
Do I love black and white more? Or color more?

What do you think??

And on that note, back to finish up some more sessions.
The sucker that I am offered to watch my friends' kids for her, and then do a big 2 hour long photosession just an hour after being done watching kids all day.
And somehow, we are leaving for our trip to Idaho Sunday morning?!! Ahh. I need a magic wand to magically add another day or something!

By the way, I'm still torn on the picture. I love both. And am thankful I don't have to pick. (Mom gets to from their gallery!)

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