Bits of Sweetness: 7


Seven years.

How did we even make it this far?!

I have no idea but there is no one else I would rather have spent these seven years of marriage (nine together!) with. Here is to so many more!

My favorite things and pieces of advice about marriage so far-

Don't give 50%! Give 100%! Because while you are focused on each other giving 50/50 you fail to notice what really matters- giving and not getting.

The good adage "Never go to bed angry" is so good! An awesome one I heard recently was "Fight naked! It is SO hard to fight!" True that one!! Lol

1 Corinthians 13 is the most inspiring and challenging chapter about love. If you haven't read it, I'd challenge you to! I absolutely loved this take on it! Hard but good.

Some more favorites

So, to celebrate 7 years of marriage here are 7 of our favorite things.
*1-Giving each other one hug or kiss that is at least 30 seconds long 
(we try for every day but doesn't always happen.)
*2-Date nights (Even if it's just Redbox and popcorn)
*3-Saying "I'm sorry" even if we don't feel like we were wrong; 
it's learning to make the other person's feelings more important than your point!
*4-Making inside jokes
*5-Having tickle wars
*6-Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee together 
(My fave thing to do is surprise him with it)
*7-Praying together. (Don't worry about elaborate prayers.
Just start somewhere. it is super hard to be angry with someone
when you are praying for/with them! )

What do you love about your spouse or significant other?
What do you wish you did more or are glad you do?
And of course, how long have you been together/married?

Love you!

By the way, our anniversary plans this year consist of dinner somewhere
 (Josh's pick, probably Burger King ;-) )and Coldstone. Romantic or what? ;-)

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  1. How was that anniversary dinner at Burger King? Congrats on the 7 years! Marriage is not always easy, but it is so worth the hard work! We just hit 21 yrs this summer.


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