Bits of Sweetness: At the Hop

At the Hop

My friend Anna is co-hosting this neat idea and I thought I would join in on the hopping fun (sorry for the pun ;-) )I've always enjoyed doing these and getting to know other people too.
  •  Would you be interested in enjoying a monthly At The Hop including swaps and other fun link ups? Yes! I love the 50s. So it sounds like fun!
  • Any great 50s related swap theme ideas? Hmm how about something style wise from the 50s! I wore a poodle skirt for Halloween one year and loved it!
  • Tell us about your blog. How did you choose your name? I've been blogging for 6 years, first as a way to keep our family up-to-date on our lives. I just wanted to pick a name that would be easy to think up ;-) However, I am in the middle of rebranding and pretty excited about that! 
  • What song selection would you make from the jukebox? Beatles baby! Thank my dad for that one!
  • What 50′s tv mom would you want to have as your own? Good question. My fave show was Andy Griffith so Aunt Bea :) 
  • What is your favorite 50′s fashion? Poodle skirts, funky glasses. In fact, the two pairs of glasses I own are blue and purple.
  •  What is your favorite color?  Blue most of the time. I don't just stick with one color though honestly. I love using several. Blue. Grey. Yellow.
  • You are at a 50′s style diner. What treat do you order yourself? Buffalo chips. (aka sliced fried potatoes). However, the onion rings at a local diner are the bomb. So so good! Maybe it's a good thing they close at 7?!
  •  Which character from Grease do you most identify with? I've never seen Grease. Can you believe that?! It's on my list though. 
  •  If you could time travel, where would you go? What would you do? Why? Go back to the 50s. Or to the pioneer days. Both really fascinate me. I know there are plenty of challenges and struggles that don't make it to the tv shows, but it would be neat to live in either era. 

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