Bits of Sweetness: Because... lightning!!!

Because... lightning!!!

Yes folks, we have this strange phenomenon known as "lightning" here in the PNW and the crowds are counting down four minutes to the resuming of the game (finally!!) I love a good game. Basketball was my thing growing up (Utah Jazz!!!) You can't have a good game without snack stuff though amiright?! Who is your favorite team? (even if you don't follow the team but still like being apart of it all with everyone!)

Here are some yummy snacks that might just be a new fave for you too.

Sweet & Spicy Chipotle snack mix-
I love me some sweet and spicy and this is the perfect way to use up some pumpkin seeds (we have tons of those!)
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This awesome pretzel take on pigs in a blanket (or whatever you call them :) )
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I like this fun take on a nacho tray!
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Baked onion rings.
Yes. Baked. They are SO good!
(and it's my own recipe so go check it out here :) )

And for dessert of course, this idea takes the cake :)
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Although this just might kill it.
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What snack is a game day must at your house?(or any day snack!)
For us it's nachos. On Nacho cheese doritos. With tons of medium shredded cheddar melted.
 Life changing I tell ya!

Rock on Hawks!!

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