Bits of Sweetness: How do you tell if your kids are really sick or just faking it?

How do you tell if your kids are really sick or just faking it?

I don't even have an answer for that one! So tell me, how do you know? Because yesterday, I received a call from Andrew's school asking if I could please, please get him since he'd been feeling sick all day. I was envisioning flu-like symptoms and fever so, I packed up Adrian and the two-year-old I watch, even though it was the middle of nap time, and headed over to pick him up.

Apparently he just had a tummyache, no fever or flu-like symptoms. He only ate one thing for lunch, followed by candy, and had plans to go play on the rope swing after we got back to my work. Yeah nice try! This mama has a rule that if you are sick home from school, it's a time to rest, not play! Which of course didn't fly in Andrew's book!

The afternoon kindof just spiraled downhill. Insert war waged on the insistence of nap time, awesome lines thrown at me ("I will just NEVER look at you EVER again if you make me take a nap!!) and also waking up Adrian and you can imagine how thrilled I was about our afternoon.

 In his favor, there is a tummyache bug going around school, so maybe he really was sick?! It's hard to tell and he can be so over-the-top dramatic. I tried explaining that coming home sick from school is only for the times we are really really sick. To which he replied, "But Mama, I am really really sick! See how much my tummy hurts?!" And.. two minutes later laughing and playing with his brother like nothing was wrong.

Seriously, some days feel like just a big huge fail! This sticking to your parenting guns stuff is no joke! How do you handle your kids being home sick from school when they don't really seem that sick? I'm all for believing kids and teaching honesty, but it's so hard to tell sometimes what to take seriously!

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