Bits of Sweetness: Stolen & Help for it

Stolen & Help for it

I had an entirely different post in mind today. One that for sure didn't include the phrase "my purse was stolen." But alas, life tends to have a funny way of happening entirely different than we have planned. (Actually when does it ever go as planned? I am learning to chuckle at how I have no control over it and am learning to just trust God more and laugh at the times when I could so easily panic or yell or lose my cool. ) Yep. Stolen purse. 10:49 AM. I was at a big local park and had left it out of sight in the car( that I thought was locked.) I had been doing pictures for a friend and got some of the cutest ones. Afterwards I ran over to Redbox to see if they had Epic for Andrew. Looked down and.. wait.. whoa. The reality hitting like a ton of bricks that my purse wasn't there. The double and triple checking to see if I had set it somewhere else. Nope. Gone. If you've ever had something like this happen, you totally know the violated feeling I'm talking about here. You feel like they messed with a part of your soul and rendered it stained and spit out. Ugh. If you never have, I really wish you don't ever have to! It's icky.  (And really? Who does that? I mean it's obvious we have kids with carseats in the car and other kid stuff. To stoop low enough to take a purse? Come on. I know these things happen and we live in a sin-inflicted world but still. Some people just need a life. And morals.)  So, that was about 11:00 this morning. An hour ago, I got a call from a nearby store letting me know I'd left my purse there. If only that were the case! But, I am SO so thankful to have it back. Money and debit/credit cards were missing, as well as a personal check to us, however, they thankfully left my wallet, gift cards, and everything else. And, I have a super sweet mother-in-love who offered to get me a new purse since, really? Using a purse that someone stole? Can we get a collective "yuck?" (or am I just weird there??) Anyways, I also wanted to write this to help you guys out if this ever happens to you because what in the world do you do when this stuff happens?!?! Yikes.

1. Call your bank and credit card companies and have them issue you new cards/cancel the other ones. We didn't freeze our bank account since my hubby's card was fine; just mine needed replaced. Filing a police report is tempting and important but get those cards canceled and stopped ASAP because that is almost always what people go for first is spending anything they can get away with because they know their time is short!

2. File a police report. Kindof a no brainer here! It's important to have record of it happening and also so the items are claimed if they come up found.

3. Notify the credit bureaus to put a fraud alert on your name. But don't stop here. Issue a social security freeze too. That way no credit reports can be pulled (since your number is frozen. This is required for anything new in your name or for an increase on a card or any other number of things you wouldn't want a thief doing in your name to misuse!) and no new accounts can be opened.  Both of those can easily be done online in less than a minute here. Transunion reports it to the other two agencies-Equifax & Experian for you!  The initial fraud alert is good for up to 90 days. You can also file an extended report good for 7 years.

4. Check for any new fingerprints. There weren't any in this case ;( But if you see any suspicious ones in the location the police can lift them and hopefully catch the person. 

5. Write down all your card numbers and save in a safe place (digitally perhaps? I'd suggest saving it in a secret form, like hidden in a 1-800 number so people have no idea what it is if your account were ever compromised or curious eyes using your computer ever found it.) That way, you won't be like me having no idea what any of your card numbers are. Also writing down all the cards you have so you also aren't like me trying to remember what 20-some cards were in your wallet! 

6. Double check that your doors are locked and items are out of view. Obviously a no-brainer but I failed to do this, (normally my purse goes in the trunk!) and definitely payed for it :( It was the middle of the day, at a place where several other people were, and someone still stole something they thought they could get away with. 

7. Carry insurance on expensive items like cameras and phones. I almost left my phone in the car. Have you seen the price of replacement phones these day? Get out! It's ridonculous! (And yes I made up that word :) ) Thankfully I do have device insurance and this didn't happen!

8. Pray the person gets caught. No really, why don't we do this more?! (Pray I mean.) It's so easy to forget to depend on God, yet he holds the world in his hands. I know it might be easy to ask, "Well why wouldn't he prevent this from happening?!" Because he has given people free will so we aren't puppets controlled by him. He still had a hand in the situation though. I didn't get photosession money I was supposed to get from people yet, but that's ok. That would have been over $200 that would have been gone had I gotten it this weekend. Anyways, I am praying. Praying the person doesn't do this to anyone else and that they get caught!

Honestly, it's amazing to me the clarity and peace of mind I've had today. No worry. No panicking. Crazy, I know. I think I underestimate the difference my personal relationship with Jesus makes. He cares. He really does. Cares enough to give me the feeling to spend more cash I did have so it was a lot less the thief got away with. Cares enough to push a good article my way recently about how to handle having your wallet stolen, cares enough to give me peace and comfort and a calm mind despite having my entire purse stolen, cares enough to direct my purse to a store nearby. It amazes me how much of a hand he has in things and not only that, but how much he cares about little me. 

I hope none of you ever have to deal with this or anything like it. However, if you do, I hope this might help some! Andrew's response to this all? Telling me that he would go find the thief for me! I wish! :)

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