Bits of Sweetness: #Babyworldproblems


So, I happened to fall in love with this picture and have to know, 
which one you like better?
1 or 2?
Cause.. I can't decide!
Sorry Adrian, your expressions are just too awesome to not smile at!
(Blame your Daddy for that! He has just as many!!)
Introducing- #babyworldproblems

More cominatcha soon :)

p.s. This may or may not have been inspired by "Reasons My Son Is Crying" here.
Oh man. The awesomeness! I can't even!
 photo sig2_zps28ffa0d3.png


  1. lol! Love this. My 19 month old got a *little* upset because she was done coloring and I put everything away, but then protested that she wanted to color I brought everything out again.. and that wasn't good enough.

    1. Isn't it crazy how these little kiddos run it all?! :)

  2. I think I like the 1st one! But there both cute!

    1. Is it bad that I have a bunch more already?! hehe It will be fun to post them!


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