Bits of Sweetness: Coffee like the secret service? Bring it!

Coffee like the secret service? Bring it!

Funniest most frank article ever on "10 Ways Having a Baby is like a Government Shutdown."
Check out the coffee love! Article here.

Other favorite things this week?

TOMS new to-die-for Nepal boots. The comfort level and cuteness factor? Like a 12 on a scale of 1-10.
(Also: beware of any TOMS "outlets" online. Just discovered on ripoffreport they may
actually not be legit, or be based in China, or charge you more than they say. Take your pick.)

Snickerdoodle coffee creamer

DIY coffee creamer (not as strong but so good!)

This local shop. She has incredible taste!

Avocados. With Johnny's Seasoning Salt. Or garlic salt.
They really help anytime my brain thinks I need an entire cheeseburger.
at 11:00 at night.

I found glow in the dark spray paint at Michael's yesterday.
The $6.99 price tag was kindof dumb,
but then I realized oh hey! 40% off next time anyone?!
Thinking it would be fun to spray paint some art for the boys room.
And of course pumpkins!!! Move over carving and breaking tools (I've broken!

Words of wisdom: Always have some kind of roadside assistance coverage!
Because they can charge $5.00 a mile(or more!)to tow you.
Which results in a $336 towing fine when you have nothing
And are 40 miles away from anywhere.
This happened a few months ago, and of course,
I didn't think we'd need anything. Didn't sign up for AAA.
Thankfully I found out today we have a little bit of coverage through our insurance
and should get $100 back.
Really though, AAA is less than that a year! It's so going on our Christmas list!

Quote for your day? "It is NOT my responsibility to make everyone happy. If you aren't happy with me . . . 
I guess you will get over it!"

Also? Big huge giveaway coming soon! Scentsy wamer and blocks,Target gift card and
blog ad space and maybe a few other things-
 oh my. You won't want to miss it so stay tuned!!

P.s. You're welcome for this weekly dose of random :)

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