Bits of Sweetness: Finding balance with the bumper sticker haters and proud fist pumpers

Finding balance with the bumper sticker haters and proud fist pumpers

Peruse the internet (even just Facebook) for a little while and you will come across thoughts on both extremes- either PROUD OF IT BABY!! or else, I WILL BURN YOUR
HONOR STUDENT BUMPER STICKER! So hush up about your accomplishments
because they are making me feel like crud for not doing anything,
or for having a situation I can't control.

Face it: life is hard. Everyone deals with it differently. There are so many different kinds of personalities.
Well duh. But can we all take a chill pill for a second?
I mean, no one likes the bumper sticker burners.
And at the same time, no one really wants to read about your honor student.
(In fact, I admittedly laugh at the anti-honor student bumper stickers.)
Can we find a middle ground, please?!

I think it might start with something pretty small-
putting others' joy first.
Not, worrying about what others might think so you never share about your own awesome moments.
Not pumping that fist so high everyone within a mile radius sees and hears about it and knows about it.
But taking delight in others.

Can we, for a moment, stop worry about what people are going to think
and who we are going to make feel bad?
This entire country is all over not toe stepping.
You know how ridiculous that gets though?
People, it's impossible to not toe step.
I mean seriously.
And then ironically, to encourage people to be more sensitive,
we actually encourage both of the opposite- people who don't care at all
about anyone's emotions because they need to just get out that they are AWESOME!!
And, people who become so entrapped by fear of what someone might think
that they never voice what other should love for others to share in it.

Here is my personal take on that.
We need community. We need shared community. We need balanced community.
For everything there is a season and a purpose under Heaven.
There is a time to be sensitive.
There is a time to be exuberant.
There is a time for quiet.
There is a time for dancing.
There is a time to let go.
There is a time to embrace joy, even others' joy.

Friends, choose to celebrate other's moments, even if they feel like bragging to you.
Don't worry about "one up"ing anyone. Dig confidence.
Confidence in your blessings.
You are incredibly blessed. Comparison robs that joy.
If you feel the need to fist pump all the time-
maybe take a little breather. Sometimes confidence needs a quiet break too.
Sometimes in the quiet we discover true meaning isn't found in the loud and frequent declarations.
The best joy is shared joy. Letting other have their moments too.

I love-
being able to tell about an accomplishment of my own and have others cheer.
I love telling friends who are bragging on their awesome kids, "Yay! Thank you for sharing! I love your son!"
I love hearing about others' successes and being truly, from the bottom of my heart, happy for them,
not feeling a twinge of "I wish that were me." Oftentimes, my own blessings are just as great,
even if they come in different forms. The confidence in learning to appreciate that is the way to freedom.

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