Bits of Sweetness: Finding fall fun! + shop discount

Finding fall fun! + shop discount

Confession: I kindof hate taking pictures at home.
The lighting stinks.
We have no backyard.
Our place is too small to get good indoor shots without really strategically placing things.
And, it's hard to actually get to the pictures to edit them.
So, I usually don't.
My camera phone suffices just fine.
I mean come on, what did they do in the old days?!
Send off film?? haha. I tease.

The other day, our boys happened to be matching.
That NEVER happens. Especially on a weekday.
And the weather happened to not be rainy or too cold.
I wanted to sporadically seize the moment and do photos.
So, we did.
I guess sometimes good memories have to be created, and that is ok.
This involved a little creativity, like posing the boys so fall colors in other people's yards
would show upas pretty fall colors just naturally occurring right where we were,
but hey whatever it takes!

Monkey hat from The Crochet Cartel

Also? I am going to be adding printables to my Etsy shop
Use code FALLINLOVE to take 25% off anything!

Find this printable in the shop here

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  1. Really sweet, I love the monkey hat!

  2. Great shots. Feel free to link up:

  3. I love the monkey hat too! I picked up one for each of the kids' stockings this year. :)

  4. Adorable boys! Love both hats! :)

  5. Oh my gosh they are too adorable! Such cute pictures :D


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