Bits of Sweetness: Finding my content.

Finding my content.

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I am, by nature, a changer, and a shaker.
I like to find what works better.
I like to improve.
I have a knack for seeing where people need to grow.
What they're doing that is hurting them.
Or just hindering better from happening.

You'd think this would be a positive thing.
After all, it's a beautiful thing to prune the thorns off the rose.
However, you prune too many and you kill the flower.
I am finding, that roses need the pricks to be fully appreciated

I want to eat and have my cake though.
I want the people in my life, but better versions of them.
Not the way they are now and to be content with that.

Seven years married.
That does something to ya!
It is so incredibly easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind,
and zone in on the things I would love to change.
The things that make my life challenging (even, to the tinieth degree)
(And yes. I just made up that word.)
In my devotion time I realized-
in my quest to change
in my zeal to make the world better by making the people in it better
I am missing the beauty right before me
and even if change does happen,
I am blind to it because I am so focused on better. and more.
 that I fail to see what God has blessed me with.
(This includes things too. And answers to prayer.)
But God, I want a bigger place to live.
Daughter, I have given you a place to learn to love 
so that when you have a bigger place, you will be content.

But God that quirk in Josh is so annoying.
Daughter, that is one you fell in love with and wanted to marry him for.


I am realizing, slowly, that so often, what I wish for, is not really what I need.
The things I want to change are usually a resolve to not see things in my own life.
What I need is to open my eyes to the beauty in front of me.
The blessings are really so many already.

That is my prayer.

Photo credit: Andrew! :)

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  2. Love this, contentment is something most of us ladies struggle with, thanks for sharing!

  3. the lightening in this photo is perfect!

  4. oh man....what a great post! being "content" (especially in this city) is a daily struggle for my honestly. loved this post!


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