Bits of Sweetness: Inspired Wednesdays

Inspired Wednesdays

I don't know about you but come mid week I am ready for something
to help get me all the way to the weekend.

My favorites this week.

1: This mug that's a great reminder to be true to yourself. I don't know about you, but there's something
about a favorite mug that is like a true friend. I spend enough time with my mugs;
shouldn't they be ones I love?
2: This incredible couple. (Hint: grab a kleenex or two! So sweet!)
3.This news story. I honestly can't believe someone would write this, but the
community (near and far) that banded together is awesome!
4. This neat way to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. It's something even kids can do!
Having had a friend whose little girl just kicked neuroblastoma out of the park makes me appreciate
even moreso the though and care people put into others' lives.
5. I love this article! We're all our own worst critic,
but it's refreshing to take a break and try to truly feel great about ourselves!

Feel free to linkup your inspiration.
Or just comment below
I'd love to know- what is inspiring you this week?

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