Bits of Sweetness: It's here! My Favorite Things Box Swap #PNWswaps

It's here! My Favorite Things Box Swap #PNWswaps

Heads up if you live in the Pacific Northwest (lovingly what we all refer to as PNW)
A brand new box swap is coming your way November 1st!
If you're unfamiliar with a box swap, you are missing out! They are lots of fun!
Basically, you sign up, give a little info about yourself (favorite colors,
snacks, hobbies, music, etc), are matched up with someone,
get to know them, shop within the limit ($15 in this case) 
and fill a box with fun things for them!

I've done several and have loved each and every one!
It's been great fun to make new friends,
and to receive a fun box full of thoughtful treasures.
I wanted to get one going for the Pacific Northwest
since it's always fun to meet more bloggers in the area.
So, here we go.
Sign ups start now. 
Boxes will go out by November 1st.
For more info shoot me an email!
Or, if you want to join in on this fun,
sign up here!
Instagram here for upcoming swaps!
And, more info on my blog page here

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  1. Awe I want to do this!! But I live too far away ;(

  2. This looks really fun. My friend does this a lot through Craftster and always has a lot of fun and has met some great people.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. My friend does this a lot with her Craftster group and has a lot of fun. She's met some great people this way.

  4. I've coordinated swaps for years -- GREAT fun!


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