Bits of Sweetness: Some days you just need to eat the cake!

Some days you just need to eat the cake!

Apple carmel cake. From Starbucks.
You can even ask the nice barista to add some whipped cream.
Which makes it really amazing.
Unless carmel and apples aren't really your thing.
In which case, you are so missing out!!

 It's funny because today really didn't hold any particularly big stressful things.
Maybe it's the little things all adding up.
Being five minutes late.
I hate that. It was due to a miscommunication and all my fault too.
And then my phone was dead.
Ever noticed how long it takes a dead phone to turn back on?
Ten years. That's all.
Not getting important stuff done that I needed to.

However, there was cake today.
Legit carmel apple spice upside down cake.
(It was microwaved. Ha.)
And Flappy Mail from #smalltownswaps.

Some days, you just need to eat the cake.
Just stop the calorie counting and enjoy!
I mean, who says counting calories works anyways?!
 It doesn't It's been proven. You can stop now!

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