Bits of Sweetness: The $330 tow truck ride we took

The $330 tow truck ride we took

And that is no joke!
$330. For a forty minute tow truck ride!!
We took a trip to see family in Idaho for a family reunion right before school started.
In Andrew & Adrian's eyes, the whole thing was pretty awesome!!

Let's see. We got to-
pick blueberries and have ice cream cones at Cascadian Farms, not even an hour into the trip!!

We got to see steam! From the car!

We discovered puzzle books are amazing!

We went on a tow truck ride back to Missoula. (The $330 one!)
Stayed in a hotel in Missoula!!
Great Grandad and Grandma rescued us the next day since the car wasn't done yet.
Got to have a sleepover with them at the hotel again! 
(Cause getting back to Idaho at 2 am wasn't our idea of fun!)
FINALLY made it to Idaho! Hooray!!!!!!!
Got to see cousins!!

We Skyped with Daddy
(and could not figure out why he was in the phone!)

LOVED our early birthday cake!

Went to the zoo!
Andrew and his Great Grandad

Cousin time!

Picked out cool animals to take pictures by.

Did a fun photobooth (both boys opted out of this one!)

Did an awesome scavenger hunt (our team lost :( ). We got to see my Great- Grandparents' old house.
SO many memories. I miss them dearly.

Got a special autographed reunion shirt

Spent time with our sweet as pie grandparents (boys' great grandparents)

Had a photoshoot with the family.
Cousins in age order

All the grandkids and great grandkids
My mom and I


Uncle love

Action shot haha
After that we...

Took a road trip to Northern Montana with my brother to get a part for our car because we didn't want to 
wait four  more days for the part to come up from Cali!
(ONLY dealership that had it was in Helena. 4 1/2 hours away. After market parts Stupid.)
Finally made it back to Missoula!! And even though they're technically supposed
to take parts over the counter, they made an exception

Had fun with Uncle Nathan staying in hotel in Missoula (for the THIRD time!)
Went to Cracker Barrel (Mama's favorite!!!

Were rescued by Uncle Nathan.
Because apparently Mama can't remember things like getting the suitcases
out of his car before we get our car and take off down the road! Ha!
Thankfully it worked out to meet back before either had gone far!

Got to stand ON a mountain!

Hi Idaho mountains!! Close to Spokane!!

Made it to Spokane!!! Stayed with mama's best friend.

Saw an AWESOME garbage eating goat.

Got to sit on the car. On the closed freeway! For rock blasting!!
(Only two hours from home too.)

FINALLY made it home!
And this picture? I become puddles every time!
We all missed Daddy!!!

A few numbers if you lost track-

8 days of traveling.
3 days there.
4 repair shops
over $600 in unplanned trip expenses relating to the car
Saw 2 good friends and a family we've been friends with forever.
Saw 23 family members (would have been 25 of us had Josh been able to make it!)
2 songs sung (1 with my mom!)
4 radiator fluid bottles added.
1,116 miles driven
1,820 miles traveled

I think my car is allergic to mountains and heat.
(Or just needs a new radiator, even after almost $300 in maintenance and part replacement!)

Next time we are so renting a car.

The first time I was in Spokane, I almost decided to just turn around and go home.
So glad I didn't though. 
For the three days we were there, it was completely worth it! 
I ended up having an impromptu road trip with my brother.
That was awesome.
And lots of time with my family, including my mom.
All in all worth it. (I think?!)
The boys did so good on the trip. I am really proud of them!
Guess our parenting is paying off!

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