Bits of Sweetness: Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

What are your ten fave shows? I don't have ten I follow all the time but current and past favorites, in no particular order-

8-The Voice
7-Call The Midwife
6-Downton Abbey (anyone else think this was Downtown Abbey at first??)
5- The Blacklist
4- Diners Drive Ins & Dives (family favorite)
3- Mythbusters (another family fave)
2-Househunters or any HGTV shows. Love getting ideas for a house someday. I might need to hire HGTV to make it happen though!
1- Gilmore Girls. Me and Josh are going back through the seasons together. (Used bookstores are an awesome source for older shows)

Generally my list keeps the same top five favorites. I guess I have a hard time really getting into new shows. I love a good thriller, any cooking competition and my fave shows ten or fifteen years ago would still make the list. You'll have to guess what those are though ;) I am loving all the older shows Netflix has up! And Disney channel has several older shows up. Between Bill Nye(how cool he is on the latest DWTS!), Zoom, and Wishbone, Andrew is getting to relive my childhood :)


  1. haha I totally thought Downton Abbey was downtown abbey up until 10 seconds ago! I don't watch it but I have heard of it, that is so funny!

  2. I have never seen Downton Abbey but I thought it was Downtown Abbey for a long time. :)
    I love Parenthood! It's one of my favorites and I cry at every episode!

    Thanks for linking up Laura!

  3. I thought it was Downtown Abbey at first too! Great list of shows!

  4. No wonder I love you so much - Gilmore Girls will always be my NUMERO UNO!!!! ;)

  5. We love Mythbusters too! I think they have the best job:)

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week!


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