Bits of Sweetness: You know you're a boy mom when...

You know you're a boy mom when...

you are constantly discovering the evil that is Legos in the dark.
(thereupon swearing to promptly melt or destroy them somehow!)

You know that boys aren't just snips and snails and puppy dog tails-
they're a whole bunch of stinky too!

you realize you really just want the simple things in life!

you realize that trying to keep a clean floor is like
trying to brush your teeth while you are eating oreos. But that's ok!
you realize just how special he is

And just how much he stole your heart!

you solemnly swear he is never going to date!!
At least not til he's like 30!

you  are like a ninja. 
In everything.
And you will know all things!

you never knew naked could be such a state of mind!
Or reality...
You also find yourself saying the most mind blowing things!

you realize you had NO idea what you were taking on!!

you realize just how awesome it is to get
to teach them the important things in life.
Like superhero training!

you feel like a screw up more often than not, but take heart!

Some of these totally apply to all parents!
There's just something about boys though.
If you have one, you know what I mean! ;-)

Despite all the craziness, sharpie on the walls, vaseline in the hair,
noise level in the house, and holes in the knees of jeans,
I love being a boy mom!!

What about you? Were boys anything like you expected?
What have you learned along the way?
Fave survival tool? Mine is a strong latte and this song playing loud.

Roar by Katy Perry on Grooveshark
Happy Monday guys!!

Check out this video if you haven't. So awesome!

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