Bits of Sweetness: 22


22 things you didn't know about me
{Because I got lucky and was tagged with the number "11" twice by two different people!"
1. I am going to school (well, officially will resume in January) to become a medical coder and hopefully work from home.
2. I have seriously considered or done classes for a Teacher's Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Radiologist, Medical Office, Medical Records, and Medical Coding. I have taken enough classes to be the equivalent of an AA degree but nothin to show for it yet 
3. I am, however, a certified Medical Administrative Office Assistant and Certified Electronic Healthcare Records Specialist so at least there's that.
4. I've apparently shrunk two inches in the past few years. Yay for fun sized!
5. I want to go on a California coastal wine tour but forget the wine- I only want the cheese (and any chocolate!!)
6. My middle name starts with "V" and no one ever guesses it right. I share my Great-Grandma's middle name and was born the day after her birthday. Even more special was that the prayer my mom prayed that I would know her turned into me knowing her 18 years of my life. Pretty special!
7. I've taught English in South Korea to a day camp class of 18 kids who understood little English, all by myself.
8. I've taken Math 98 three times. And never ended up passing it. Math to me is like, A+B=carrots. Now how many grapes do you have?
9. I am such an introvert. I thrive from alone time and long conversations are always super awkward for me, even with people I know well. I've learned how to pull of semi extrovert well but being around people actually drains energy. I LOVE it when I am around people I can just be quiet with and not talk all the time. Silence is energizing for me.
10. I whistle on the side of my lips instead of in the middle. Funny, but just the way I figured it out!
11. I always surprise people with my offbeat sense of humor. They never see it coming  You have to be a really good friend to get that side of me though! 

12. I won an award for a story I wrote in 1st grade. I didn't realize I would have to read it in front of the entire school for assembly. I changed part of the story because I was way too embarrassed to read what i'd written. I got a winner's only ice cream party out of it though!
13. I have the weirdest dreams. Ever. I'll dream that someone else is in the room,
or that I'm somewhere else and am usually pretty disoriented if I wake up in the middle.
14. I can't stand the sheets tucked in. My feet have to be free!
15. I have to have enough blankets on though or I can't sleep.
16. I absolutely love a good thriller. Josh isn't such a fan though.
17. Josh and I were only engaged 3 months before we got married. Life kindof happens
unexpectedly sometimes!
18. I still have a Nevada area code for my number. I don't want to change it
because a)it makes a cool story, b)enough people know it and c)I actually have it memorized.
19. I once threw ice at a guy over the counter while I was working. I apparently missed the biggest
glare ever from a customer. Ooops. {What can I say? The guy I knew was insulting me for not
giving him free drinks! Um, no!}
20. I refuse to own a pair of skinny jeans. They just don't agree with me, plus I'm
short so they are about sixteen inches too long. {OK I kid but for reals guys!}
21. Someday, I want a fun color of lowlights in my hair on the bottom. Like purple.
22. I've only been in for a haircut about 4 or 5 times. I usually do it myself.
I usually gravitate towards shorter because my hair holds nothing!

Comment to get a number! I would love to learn more about you!
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  1. It's always fun learning new facts about bloggers! I saw something similar to this on Facebook and got roped into it ha ha. I don't think I would mind sharing my facts on my blog :D

  2. I'm so bad at math, I got to the end of the list and thought "Uhhh, 11 + 11 is 21".... /facepalm I'm blaming that on the fact that I'm still drinking my coffee. LOL

    p.s. I already have a number, I just have to come up with things to say about me. :)

  3. Hahah Um I added it up the same the first time lol. Make you feel better? :)

  4. You should!! I would love to read it!! How about 15 for you :)

  5. I can do 15 :D I am pretty excited!


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