Bits of Sweetness: Finding meaning beyond the $200 fashion statement

Finding meaning beyond the $200 fashion statement

A few weeks ago Andrew got to model for Zulily. It was a blast!
We received a Zulily credit in exchange for doing it.
It has taken me more than a week to try and figure out what in the hey to decide to spend money on.
I have that problem, especially using a certificate or really good discount.
It's like I either can't justify spending the money or can't find anything really "worth it"
if you know what I mean.
I had a coupon at Penney's today and put back like five different things because seriously-
nothing was doing it for me. At least my consolation there is that the after-Christmas sales
are insanely good ($10 sweaters and shoes anyone?!) so I don't feel too bad for putting things back.

Today, Zulily had a ton of cute kids things. I had been wanting to buy Adrian a few little boy pieces
rather than the typical onesie and knit pants dealio that is easy and cheap but just not very individual.
Zulily scored big today though!
There were these little button down shirts

So that was awesome.
But then I saw something else that just had to happen
I mean seriouslycomeon! 

Yep. So there was that.
And then ooh apparently after the first order, you get free shipping on any other orders placed that day.
Sign me up! Like now.

Except... nothing was doing it.
Everything either looked too blah or like I would be swallowed in it left with no body shape.
What. the. heck. 
And then I found the motherload.
I think I found about 10 sweaters and hi low pieces and nice enough for a night out shirts
 and pretty little belted numbers
that were so me. $200 though. I honestly went back and forth on it. I decided, well, ok maybe
take a few items out. It was a bit less. But, still.
And oh, the time was ticking. Five minutes left to claim free shipping.
The pieces would look amazing in my wardrobe.
Seriously amazing.
Two minutes left.
I clicked out.

I just couldn't do it. Honestly, I know it would have been one of those purchases
that I didn't really want to tell the hubs about. I mean what guy is thrilled about
spending any money on clothes really? But this kindof went a little past that. 

It's hard. After you have kids, whether you are a mom or dad, it is so easy to just let you go.
It is so much easier to get cute things for the kids (I mean hello cheaper price tag! And so cute!!)
And to just put you on the backburner. And then when you realize how much you has been on the backburner, it just feels good to rediscover what you've been missing and re-establish some semblance
of a person that was there pre-life-changing humans. There is nothing wrong with that.
There's nothing wrong with spending $200 or any amount on clothes (if you can do it responsibly!)
Key word being responsibly. I think sometimes, the idea of what we want to be or who we want others to see us as gets the better of us with stars in our eyes and a bite in the keester. Ugh. I don't need that. 
I'm realizing- It's all in the motivation. 

I had a little heart to heart with me and had the deep thought- you know, my worth as a person does not lie in $200 of trendy clothes. Sure they would make me feel like a million bucks. Sure they would even look like a million bucks. But the reality is that, I need to find confidence outside of the clothes 
and accessories and cute boots. 
I need to find confidence in God and confidence in the amazing person he made me to be.
That sure as heck doesn't cost $200.

So, trendy clothes, I love you, and this isn't saying "NO MORE trendy!!!" with a strike sign.
I seriously still love you. Just not with a need to be validated as a person by you.

And along the lines of #dailyinspiration check out this video about this cheerleader who doesn't let
having just one leg get the best of her.

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  1. I do that ALL THE TIME... items go into the cart, I close the website. It's like window shopping. I think half the thrill of buying things is the chase, so by clicking out we still get half the enjoyment, right?

  2. I think that's partly what it is!! I LOVE the thrill of it!!! So fun.


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