Bits of Sweetness: Give me fall or give me fall!

Give me fall or give me fall!

What is fall to you?
To me?
Wearing moccasins. Every. single. day.
These Bearpaw ones are my fave.

Oh. And fuzzy socks. Always.
(Do yours ever mismatch? Mine do! Some days-or wait,every day-I don't care! Give me comfort!!)

Fall is burning yourself on that first bite of soup, every single time
because cooling it down? Who needs to do that?!

It's the beautiful turning of the leaves. 
Colors that got nothin on Crayola.
(Colors I couldn't tell you anyways since all our crayons are broken in half and de-wrappered
cause I don't know about you but that's how we roll.)

It's time for pumpkins aplenty
which means time for something else-
pumpkin everything. Soup. Drinks. Bread. Everything.
(But I have to admit, I love it!)
My favorite?
Chocolate chip pumpkin bread 
that can only be eaten in thick chunks, dripping with butter.
(Is it bad that I am eyeing the loaf for our son's bus driver and contemplating testing it
as the rest of the loaves aren't out yet? Ahh! Dilemma!)

Fall also seems to be the time for germs to abound.
I must be lucky or something. 
Germs hit me twice and not only do I get a cold but a stomach bug a day later too.

Funny enough, fall is still my favorite season.
Must be the whole PSL "magic" or something.
What is yours?

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  1. I love, love, love Fall! All of the gorgeous colors of the leaves, the chill in the air, the hot chocolate, pumpkins, my birthday, the list goes on and on. Love the pictures you posted! I freaking love moccasins too!! I just bought a new pair this year and can't get enough of them :D

  2. Fall is my absolute favorite! Hope you feel better soon!


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