Bits of Sweetness: Just silliness

Just silliness

Have you ever been to an awkward party where they broke out icebreaker questions?
Or even an awesome one with fun questions?
Well consider this your end-of-weekend little party.
Just for fun, I'm breaking out some fun questions because I love getting to know you all better
and we all could use a good laugh or two.

1. What song do you shamelessly dance to or sing to when no one else is around?
Me? Any BSB. Haha. Shape of my heart is a favorite. And actually newer ones I love too!

2. Would you rather smell like licorice or popcorn?
I love licorice. But I love popcorn too. Josh however, does not like popcorn so probably licorice 
so he'd still want to be around me!

3. Most funny or awkward pickup line you've used/heard?
I seriously can't even put it on here! ha! It was that inappropriate.
I'd just met the guy too. Needless to say I didn't talk to him after that.
This was back in the day of messenger and chat rooms. Haha.
Bet he would not have said it to my face!
 One of the funniest I've heard is- Do you come with coffee and cream cause you're my sugar!
or how about- do you believe in love at first site or should I walk by again?

4. If you had to talk with an accent for a day, what would it be?
British. I love it. For whatever silly reason.

5. Quirk or fact about you that not many know.
I only like listening to my favorite songs on a cd
which means a ton of skipping. I drive Josh nuts with this
cause he likes to listen to every one.

6. Forget your name or everyone else's?
Forget everyone else's. I think. Ha.

7. What bright color would you have for a car if you had to pick one?
Blue. Teal blue. Or green

8. Something you've been caught doing?
Standing in just my underwear (waiting for my clothes to be ironed)
and a guy I knew walking in. I was only 13 and we were in the same class. Cue dying.

8. Something you cannot stand.
Bathroom convos. I mean come on. It's already awkward enough!
Let's just add some festive convo to the mix why don't we!

9. Show you used to sneak as a kid?
Full House. Ha. Seriously. Because the one episode I showed my parents
had DJ going on a date or something.

10. Three websites you could waste hours on.
Upworthy,9laughs and Buzzfeed

So tell me your answers! Repost this if you'd like :)

This is our weekend craziness! How about yours? :)

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