Bits of Sweetness: Life in these here parts lately

Life in these here parts lately

Ackk shoot me now because I never actually say that ;-)
But, really. What we've been up to lately.
Breaking out the festive already because who cares. They're cozy like nothing else!
Plus festive=happy right?!

Nailing the best scowl ever.
I laugh every single time.

Prettiest something borrowed, blue & new I've seen.
Also sneak peak to an awesome shotgun wedding I did!!
Engaged Friday. Married Monday. No joke!
{They had known each other three years, and she deploying the next Friday. So.}

Love: his cooky kissing face. But I happen to love him more.
And kiss his face to pieces often cooky face or not!

I suck at getting before pics. But, about 10 lbs down and a lot of cleaner eating//more water//no exercise//
more calories and lots of good fat {avocados!!!} and here I am.
Which, I just said her I am. Here's to hoping I'm not some other chick! 
Also? Here's to upgrading my Hanes to something a little lacier.
I'll spare you the pic but it was only $3 on clearance. 

Here's to girls night. With the best next-door-neighbor ever.
And drinks and bomb nachos after just because we can.
I have NO idea why this is the first time in 5 years we've done this.
We need it again. 

Happy Monday.
What's your go-to remedy? I seriously need some new ideas!

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  1. Congrats on 10 lbs down!!! What an accomplishment, you look great! And that scowl, adorable!

  2. Did you guys make that mug? IT IS SO CUTE!! I loveee it!

  3. Thank you! I feel like I actually accomplished something worthwhile! Lol. His expressions slay me!!

  4. I did!! I actually thought ofit myself which is amazing because I never do that!


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