Bits of Sweetness: PNW Swaps: First box swap!!

PNW Swaps: First box swap!!

To those of you who missed the first box swap: It was amazing! 
Hurry yourself over to the sign ups for the next one here!
If you don't want to sign up for it but want more info, email me at

 I was planning on waiting until next spring or summer but because a Christmas box would be too much fun (and in honor of my birthday month! Yeah! yeah!) I am going to break my own rule and do one for December too. So, you are in luck. Hang on though. I see your perplexed look at "box swap." No worries though. I shall explain. It's really not scary! A box swap is the exchanging of fun gifts with an assigned person. This one happens to be for the Pacific Northwest. You enter a few things about yourself, are given a person to shop for and send (or hand deliver!!) your package! It is amazing! Mostly, it's a neat way to get to know other PNW'ers and get a neat box of things too. There isn't a contract or anything or worries about your info being misused! Just good old fun, except 2013 style! (almost 2014 now! Eeps!) 
Please tell me you're in!! If you love all things magical and Christmas and hot cocoa with perfect marshmallows and bits of peppermint and fuzzy socks and Sinatra, you'll want to be part of this!
(Now, no promise that those will be in your box unless you put them on your list but hey-
magic of Christmas anyone?! Let's celebrate it!!) So maybe it is still November. But maybe I like to get my celebrating on early! Yeah ho! Also: the limit for this one is $20 to encourage the Christmas love and all!

 I was pretty excited about this swap. My sweet friend Melody ended up being randomly matched to me! I think I squealed a little getting her package in the mail. It was beyond thoughtful! The headband even has sparkles! The notepad has a favorite verse. The owl necklace is beautiful and- owls!!!!! Need I say more?! The socks are cozy and cute! Ahh thank you Melody!!

We have had fun adding our favorite verses and quotes to the little blue notepad

One of Andrew's favorites

Adrian is already in love with the owl necklace and can be found saying, "Who! who!" 
anytime I have it on!

I was really nervous about hosting this and how popular it would be (or not, probably.)
Sometimes though you just have to spread your wings and try to fly; 
you'll never know where you can go if you don't!

Fellow #PNWSwaps friends- I would love to see your posts!! Feel free to linkup below!
And, again, signups for the December boxes are here!

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  1. I couldn't be happier about this post! I SO enjoyed doing this swap and am very happy that you liked the stuff I picked out! It was a lot of fun! :) I cannot wait to do it again!


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