Bits of Sweetness: Truly, madly, deeply

Truly, madly, deeply

Dear Andrew and Adrian,

I've written you both some letters, but not one to both of you yet.
So, here goes.

Your relationship is so alive and so vibrant.
I get tears often.

I will never forget how worried I was about you two loving each other.
I mean, four years and nine months is a whole lotta time for things to be the same with just one person
Adrian, you changed that all up and gave Andrew a life long buddy.
According to Andrew, "We're brothers forever."

Yep. Forever.

Sometimes, I can't even speak for how overwhelmed my heart is with joy.
Other times, I almost go crazy from the shenanigans you two pull! (but, crazy in a good way!)

Adrian, I love how even at one year, you can tell what makes Andrew smile
and take it upon yourself to make him grin ear to ear.
You love playing with him.
You follow him everywhere.
You call him "bro bros" or "buh buh"
He is your world.

Andrew, I am so proud of you.
You are such an amazing big brother.
You love Adrian to pieces, and are often found bragging on him to others.
"Isn't my brother just adorable?!"
You watch our for him, even giving him breakfast if he's up early.
(This morning, it was brownies, but I'll let it slide!)
You are always making sure he's ok,
and make him laugh like no one else can.
I love you!

I love you boys to infinity. Please don't ever stop overfilling my mama cup!
I love you. It hurts, but it is the best kind of hurt I've ever known.

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