Bits of Sweetness: Am I getting old or something?!

Am I getting old or something?!

I'm probably just a baby compared to some of you so why I am
 even complaining about being "old", I don't know!
But seriously. It's only 8:31 pm and I am already ready to hit the hay.
Actually, I was ready like an hour ago, checking the clock every two minutes.
You know you're getting old(or at least older) when you would rather go to bed early
and get up early, than stay up late and sleep in late.
I used to be a night owl, said she.
When we had one kid, he would sleep until 9 or 10 some days and
that definitely effected how willing I was to stay up late, knowing that I'd get to sleep in.
Now though, ever since daylight savings switch, it's like a nasty guessing game for the waking hour.
Some days it's six (like, every single day of our little vacation!)
Other days it's eight. Most days it's by seven. Ugh is right.
I love our kids dearly but I honestly cannot wait until getting up early is my choice rather than theirs!

But then again, maybe if we just all had some nekkid turtle time,
we'd all be this stinking happy!

Call it like it is but, I am off to go lay in bed, at 8:44 pm, and catch up on
Call the Midwife with the hubs.

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  1. I am the same way! I have a heck of a time staying up past 9 most nights. My son on the other hand could go all night if I let him ha ha!


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