Bits of Sweetness: Black and white.

Black and white.

I usually don't take pictures at night. Ok scratch that. I hate low light.
I try to avoid it as much as possible. Tonight though the opportunity just presented itself and I couldn't resist.

Our boys share a room. They both love it!
Sometimes a little too much so!
Tonight I went in because I heard giggles and laughter and a few annoyed screams too.
Andrew was in Adrian's crib.
For reals. He had climbed in and was trying to "help" him get to sleep.
(Of course, this just meant making him laugh, and sometimes scream.)
Solution? Put big brother to bed, and have some little brother playtime until the big one was asleep!
He was in a cute mood.

Since a picture says it better than words, here you go.

Do your kids share rooms? I am SO wishing we had one for each of them, but other times I love
having them in the same room. The giggles are precious. I guess I'm torn!

Do you ever venture out on a limb with low light photography (or any other aspect of photography?)
I am SO all or nothing. If I can't get it right, I don't like to try.
Sometimes though it's worth it.
(You don't need a top notch camera for this by the way! Just breaking out the camera
or camera phone when you don't feel like it would be a good stretch!)

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