Bits of Sweetness: Christmas under $5

Christmas under $5

Christmas is right around the corner.
I don't know about you but I am still scrambling to try and nail down the perfect ideas.
Not that I don't have good ideas. I have lots. That's the problem. Deciding on one.
If you are doing the math with all your gifts and it's just not working for you,
then this list is for you. This year, maybe it's time to take a few steps back,
breath in deeply, and tell yourself that deep down, all we really want is to give something
that is really meaningful. It doesn't mean having to have a big price tag though!
 By the way, this list is for every skill level. Pinterest-fail-pro to DIY master.

2013 Cheap Awesome $5 & Under Gift Roundup

Enter: Personalization is awesome!

This is a super creative use of an ornament! (Just don't eat glass!)
And then there is this cute idea for non-skid socks. What kid wouldn't love their name on their socks?!
Or grandparent some sock art from the grandkids?
We need some of these! You could also make a bunch of people, or animals, or anything.

My friend Chelsea has this great EASY mug tutorial. 
Basically? Grab mug. Grab Sharpie. Go at it. The end.
You could make a festive one with metallic sharpies.
Speaking of drinks, this is an awesome idea for anything in bottles!

These are awesome: Just add pictures!
And even cheaper yet, get yourself some 4x4 tiles from Home Depot,
cut pictures or scrapbook paper to just slightly smaller, modge podge on & voila!
Enter: most practical idea yet.

And then all the jars. SO many fun ideas.
Hand scrub
You could add anything to personalize a jar- gift cards, favorite treats, and well, the sky is the limit here!

This great way to save and share memories!

File this under: my kids need this.
Shoot scratch that. I need this.
Grab plates from dollar store. Or better yet: thrifted!
Get sharpie. One minute later? DONE!

Then kicking it up yet another notch...
is this one! Just don't fight over who makes it onto the plate!

And then for the gardener in your life...
comes this idea!

Photo ideas that are $5 or less:
(Mugs & dry erase wall calendars are close behind at under $12!!)
Check out more at Shutterfly!

What is your favorite idea? Are you making any gifts this year or is it too much work?

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