Bits of Sweetness: Family pictures

Family pictures

I am laughing at our pictures this year you guys. They turned out awesome. Really. But are they ever true to real life!! I debated posting some because they are soo... real.. life.. and full of imperfections but, I am coming to realize a few things. 

I am coming to realize that photos will almost never turn out how we wish. Kids cry. They pick up awesome silly faces they've never done before. They decide they hate the camera. It's cold. We look about ten lbs (or more!) heavier than we want to. The camera doesn't get our best angle. But I am realizing- it is SO important to capture memories! And years down the road, we will be SO thankful we did!! Also? Work with whatcha got! It was freezing for these (literally!) The sun was starting to set. We got these in about ten minutes before everyone turned into icicles or a puddle of tears. But still. The moment was there. We seized.

Also? Some tips for your guys sprinkled throughout to get good pictures
(and how to appreciate real life more! Isn't that what we want to remember anyways?!)

A smooch is always fun to throw in! Get outside your comfort zone a little! 
If they have silly faces nailed, why not incorporate them?!
 Josh came up with this on his own. Can I get an "aww"?
Realize that everyone else just might love your least favorite picture 100x more than you! 
And that's ok!
 Real life isn't always smiles! Capture the serious too.

Originally, this picture was zoomed way out! Zoom (or crop) way in to capture the sweet moments 
Like this :) 
Honestly, the uncoordinated expressions are some of the most fun to look back on!
FREEDOM!!!! Also, don't always try to get their faces! Sometimes just capturing the moment is good!
Best outtake ever? :)

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  1. Nice pictures! We just got out family photos done too. I have 2 boys as well! New follower from the Hump Day Blog Hop!

    XO/Kelly @ Our Cone Zone

  2. Yay thank you for stopping by!! I am so glad we got pictures done! Aren't boys the best? So crazy but fun!


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