Bits of Sweetness: Get your creative on with Transformers #Constructbots #ad

Get your creative on with Transformers #Constructbots #ad

Disclosure: I was sent this product from Transformers & Hasbro
to review as a sponsored post with Mom It Forward, however,
all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

It's funny because I just recently boxed up about half of the boys' toys and sent them to the garage. Somehow, lots of toys to be creative with just somehow meant a toy explosion everywhere.
This resulted in many happy shrieks from the boys.
Happy mama though? Not so much!
I love creative toys but when the pieces are just thrown all over and used in a million other ways,
it not only defeats the purpose but makes me a little frustrated at having spent money on toys
that don't really get played with. (Missile legos hurt, just fyi!)
I was a little wary at adding yet one more set of pieces to our house but
that feeling quickly went away when I discovered how awesome Transformer's new line of
Constructbots are! They are made to be creative with!
Not only do kids get the fun of building their very own Transformer,
they can also interchange the pieces with other sets in the same line
to make their very own creative character!
Pretty cool or what?!
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking here!

Little brother even tried to get in on the action!

 Airplane all finished!

 And just like that it's been transformed!

Pretty snazzy, huh?

Andrew was probably working on this a good hour
and has yet to destroy it and spread the pieces all to oblivion find a different use for it.
I love that they encourage creativity and give kids ways to come up with different things.
How fun to be able to create your own character! (Or the original one too!)

Check out the cool videos here at Hasbro's site
and keep up to date on the latest from Hasbro and Transformers
on their Twitter and Facebook pages!

You guys are in luck too!
If you hurry over here to Amazon right now,it's over half off at only $6.99(regularly $16.99)!!!
(And you can get free 2-day shipping with Prime!)

What toy is on your kids' list this Christmas?
Do you have a hard time finding just the right gift?
What do you hope will be a winner this year?
What are you wanting to sneak some play time with yourself?
I may or may not have played with this toy already! Haha :)

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  1. My son just made some Constructbots, they're great for the imagination!

  2. I love that these toys can span the ages! I had fun with it too! Lol. You should get him one! They have a bunch of neat ones on Amazon1

  3. So fun. That is what I love about these!

  4. These are pretty cool because they engage in engineering skills to build super awesome toys!

  5. My boys LOVED toys like these. In fact, they had transformers too. Not as snazzy as yours though. =) oh, and pieces everywhere… boys can't help but leave a trail behind. ;-)

  6. Ohh my goodness he was so excited!! He loved loved loved it!

  7. Toys have come a long ways but seriously lol. He's been a little better since he doesn't want Adrian getting them

  8. I love that!! I am really thankful for toys that do more than just flash a bunch of lights


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