How has your week been? So far this week...

I won $8 at Bunco! (NEVER happens!! But hey! I'll take it.) 
Adrian figured out his new fave way to lounge around (and I am dying!)
I am soaking up all the relaxing moments I can before I dive headfirst into classes soon.

We actually started Elf on the Shelf.
Meet Skittles.
Also meet super uncreative mama.
Whatever, right?!Lol

I decided I loved the Sound of Music Live. It was definitely different but, I don't know. I guess
Carrie has kind of grown on me.  What did you think??
(This article is really funny. Some language but here's a fist raised
to the uncreative parents who still try! Or don't :) )

I am excited to be a part of this hop and co-hosting this time!! It's just an easy way to make new friends and fun too. Feel free to linkup :) I love making new friends.

Welcome to the 31st Hump Day Hop! 
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